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At First Presbyterian Church, the most important gathering we have is the weekly public gathering for worship. This service is the heart beat of our community. As James Smith likes to say, it is through the weekly gathering of God's people for worship that we are most shaped to our God for his glory and for his Kingdom. We believe this deeply.

We believe in liturgy. We believe in using creeds and confessions and place a high priority on the preaching of God's Word. We intentionally try and make use of the best of the Southern Presbyterian liturgy, but also make use of the wider Reformed and Protestant tradition too. We aren't traditionalists for tradition's sake, we simply believe in a robust service that glorifies God and shapes us to our Lord Jesus. We are primarily hymn-based, but make use of the best hymns and songs that the Church has put forth over the last two millennia. At root, we aim to be the people of God—brothers and sisters worshipping together—and to that end all are welcome. This church is for sinners and for those who are in need of redemption.

Sunday Mornings — this is our public face. If you want to know who we are and what we are about, come to this service. Our instrumentation is more traditional, using organ, piano, and choir. It's more of a "high" church feel (e.g., the pastor wears a robe). However, you are welcome to come as you feel comfortable. We celebrate the Lord's Supper once a month at this service. 

Sunday Evenings — this twice a month service uses a similar order of worship, but has a more relaxed feel and uses contemporary instrumentation (guitar, bass, etc.). We use a diversity of music, in particular out of the RUF Hymnal. We celebrate the Lord's Supper once a month at this gathering. Kids are encouraged to stay through the music with a teaching time available for them later. 

Special Music — we have a talented group of singers who sing solos, duets, trios etc. twice a month during typical times and more often through Advent and Easter. Rehearsal times vary. If you have questions about joining or the rehearsal/performance schedule please contact the church office. 

Sunday Evening Music — if you are a singer or play a contemporary instrument and have interest in joining this group, we want to hear from you. We do have an audition process, but don't let that be a hindrance from investigating this group.